Skin Conditions & Scars

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Is your scar healed, but still visible? Scars can come from a variety of injuries, severe burns, or skin trauma. While creams and other topical ointments can help in the healing process, the true struggle can often come months, or even years, after the scar has healed. Through the work of our trained specialists, we are able to camouflage the skin using flesh toned pigments to match the skin surrounding the affected area. This involves a process called camouflage tattooing. If you have conditions like vitiligo or alopecia which affects the levels of melanin in your skin, paramedical tattooing can also help the area to blend in with the surrounding skin tone.

Over the course of a few consultations, you can see the difference the procedure will make to your life. This process is not meant to “undo” a scar or condition, but rather to improve the colour variation and make differences less noticeable. Think of it as a cosmetic change that will boost your confidence and help you no longer worry about covering up variations in skin pigmentation. Take the first steps towards a change that you won’t regret with Designer Cosmetic Tattoo.

You’ve heard the facts, now see it for yourself.