Understanding How Semi-Permanent Makeup Works (and Knowing Where to Go for the Service in Melbourne)

At Designer Cosmetic Tattooing, we are experts in the art of cosmetic tattoos—also often referred to as ‘permanent makeup.’ Instead of doing the colourful graphics that many people associate with tattoo artists, our technicians do more subtle work—offering tattoos that mimic the functions of makeup. We can do eyeliner, eyebrows or lipstick. We can also do paramedical work, which might mean camouflaging scars on the scalp or correcting the appearance of a nipple after reconstructive breast surgery

Contrary to popular belief, these services do not constitute ‘permanent makeup.’ Rather, the services we offer amount to semi-permanent makeup in Melbourne. Neither our cosmetic tattoos nor our paramedical tattoos are permanent. While the lack of permanence may seem like a drawback at first, it is actually intentional. Think about graphic tattoos, which are permanent. At first, these tattoos have vivid colours and detail. Over time, the inks fade, with browns turning orange, blacks turning blue and the tattoo morphing into something less beautiful than it once was.

When it comes to makeup tattoos, you obviously don’t want a black eyebrow or eyeliner tattoo to fade to blue. Because of this fact, our tattoos at Designer Cosmetic Tattooing are designed to fade to nothing. As a result, when your tattoo fades, you will be able to come in for another one, instead of dealing with the residual effects of the old one.

Are you interested in learning more about how semi-permanent tattoos work, or in making an appointment for a semi-permanent makeup tattoo in Melbourne? Call Designer Cosmetic Tattooing on 0402 049 348 to make an enquiry.