Is there pain associated with this procedure?
The majority of Cosmetic and paramedical Tattooist’s use a topical anaesthetic (cream or liquid) that is applied to the area and requires between 10-30 minutes to take effect. Due to the fact that everybody’s pain tolerance varies, depending on age, medication etc., there is a possibility that a little discomfort or pain can be associated with the procedure.

How long do Cosmetic Tattoos last for?
Cosmetic and Paramedical Tattoo’s can last anywhere between 12 months to 20 years. Due to the fact that the pigment is embedded into the dermis not the subcutaneous like body art, the pigment is meant to fade over time not change to a lighter colour or different colour altogether. Factors that can degrade your existing tattoo are metabolism, sun exposure, medication, age rejuvenation creams and many other factors. The important part of ensuring your tattoo lasts is the first 7 days of the healing process, ensuring the tattoo is kept moist and protected from infection by using a barrier cream like Bepanthem.

How long will the procedure take?
Depending on the procedure itself, but the minimum about of time is about 1 and a half for a bottom lash enhancement, up to 5 to 6 hours for 3D Areola Re-Pigmentation.  Please ask when you make your booking what time frame might be required for your particular procedure/s.

Are Cosmetic tattoos permanent?
Cosmetic and Paramedical Tattoo’s are semi-permanent, not permanent due to the position in which the pigment is embedded into the skin. The skin has 3 main layers and cosmetic and paramedical pigment is placed into the dermis which is the second layer, whereas body art Tattooing is pigment is placed into the third layer which tends to last a lot longer. The reason for this is that cosmetic make up styles change over time, along with colours of pigment fading to different hues, black turning blue and brown turning orange. No one wants forever lasting orange eyebrows, or purple lip liner and for that reason cosmetic tattoo’s generally fade out to nothing.

Is there all day parking near-by?
There are a couple of options. For consultations of an hour there is parking right out front of the Salon on Auburn Road. For procedures that are 1-2 hours there is parking in the nearby side street Broomfield Road for 2 hours. And for those who will require more than 2 hours there is all day parking in Harts Parade on only one side of the road.

What’s the difference between body art tattoos and cosmetic tattoos?
There are 3 main differences. The first is that cosmetic and paramedical tattooists apply topical anaesthetic (cream and or liquid), to the area that shall have pigment embedded, whereas body artists do not. Secondly body artist’s use a Coil Machine to apply the pigment, whereas cosmetic and paramedical tattooists either use a Rotary Device, a Digital Device, and or a hand held Micro-blades. The third is the type of pigment used, as body artists use pigment with heavy metals, whereas cosmetic and paramedical pigment consist of either ion oxides or organic materials.

Why does cosmetic tattooing requiring a second visit for a perfecting session?
Cosmetic and paramedical tattooing is semi-permanent not permanent, being embedded into the second layer of the skin unlike body art that is embedded into the third layer. Each person’s skin sheds at a different rate, along with each person’s immune system working differently, and so the pigment is slowly degraded over time and require subsequent touch ups to keep the colour looking fresh and vibrant, more often for cosmetic and paramedical than body art tattoo’s.

What health issues effect having a tattoo done?
There are a number of health issues that can be preclusive to having any tattoo done. Auto-immune disorders, blood born disorders, diabetes type II, heart conditions, pregnant or nursing women, skin conditions and many other current health conditions can either be major concern and the tattoo should not be performed on that individual or they require a doctors clearance. A health assessment is always preformed each and every time you have a tattoo embedded whether is your first or your fifth, as your health status will change over time.

How do I know if I am allergenic to the pigment?
You won’t know if you are allergic, as each pigment has a different composition to the next. If you have sensitive skin and find you already have a number of allergies to certain products, then a patch test can be performed to determine your skins reaction to the anaesthetic and pigment.

Can I have a tattoo at the age of 17?
Department of Victorian Health Current Victorian legislation states that it is not legal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18 years in Victoria.