Beauty Spots and Freckles

Cindy Crawford, Marilyn Monroe and Lucy Liu are just some of the timeless celebrity beauties known for their distinct facial features. Beauty spots and freckles are widely known to be some of the most desirable facial traits, and with our expert help, they could soon be yours.

Enhance your beauty in more subtle ways and gain more confidence through our state-of-the-art cosmetic tattoo procedures.

Redefine your features and create a more youthful appearance with beauty spot or freckle cosmetic tattooing, customised to suit your personal preference and colouring for a more natural look.

Beauty spots can help to enhance and draw attention to your best features, such as your eyes, mouth or nose, subtly redefining your look. Freckles are often associated with youthfulness and having them cosmetically applied is a recommended procedure for those looking to give their facial features distinct character.

Kerry understands the importance of precision when it comes to enhancing your beauty and achieving the most flattering look for your features. Her completely personalised procedures, coupled with her industry expertise, can help you achieve the flawless beauty that you desire.

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