Areola/Nipple Rebuilding

Introducing a skillful and proven way of rebuilding your Nipples or areolas
If you have undergone either breast reconstruction or a total mastectomy, then there are many areas to consider during and after recovering from either procedure. Kerry is highly experienced and is an immensely sympathetic cosmetic tattooing specialist. She appreciates that paying full attention to your appearance can be a major factor in rebuilding confidence in your body after such a life-changing procedure.

This is where Kerry’s paramedical tattooing expertise can be of great benefit. At least 6 months after your procedure, she can work with you to create or rebuild the appearance of an areola or nipple. This proven process works by embedding pigment into your skin. A further option is to provide slight shadowing if there is no nipple to work with.

If you have noticed that your areolas are uneven or damaged in appearance, or one or both is completely missing, then allow Kerry to skilfully lighten or darken the colour of one or both areas, to provide both the appearance and matching effect you’d wish.

Of course, we appreciate that you can feel slightly anxious about such a procedure – especially if after traumatic surgery. Kerry is a Micro pigmentation specialist and is happy to talk to you about the possibilities – in complete confidence and with no obligation whatsoever on your part to proceed.

So many of Kerry’s clients are truly happy to have undertaken this cosmetic tattooing procedure, and have been amazed at the unique and individual results achieved.

It’s surely worth taking a first, investigative step, so please call Kerry on 0402 049 348.