About Cosmetic Tattooing

The art of Cosmetic Tattooing otherwise known as Micro Pigmentation, Permanent Make-up and Semi-Permanent Make-up had been around for thousands of years. It’s a technique where by pigment is embedded into the dermis layer of the skin. It is an alternative to daily make up. Cosmetic tattooing benefits those who ask themselves the following:

  • Are you feed up wasting time every morning applying makeup?
  • Wouldn’t you like to be able to get out of the water and never have your make up run again?
  • Do you want volume added to your over waxed and plucked eyebrows?
  • Do you have poor eye sight and are unable to apply make up?
  • Does your lipstick bleed into the wrinkles and cracks around your lips?
  • Do you have any scars across your eyebrows or your scalp that are visible and would like them blended in with the rest of your hair?
  • Do you currently have alopecia and require cosmetic tattooing to replace hair?
  • Have you had breast surgery and require pigmentation around and or on the nipple area?
  • Would you like to darken, lighten or just even out your areolas?
  • Do you have a large scar in a very visible place which makes you very self-conscience?
  • Would you like your eyes to pop by darkening the lining of your lashes?
  • Are you lips pale, freckled or just bend in with the skin around them and you would like to highlight them by giving them extra colour?
  • Or would you just like to look your best all of the time?